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Special educational schools licensed by the Ministry of Education, which deepen the pride of students and their adherence to their religion - based on awareness and conviction - and establish loyalty to their nation and their belonging to their homeland and enable them to acquire advanced scientific knowledge and encourage them to innovate and creativity and communication sources of knowledge and openness to other sciences. 

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The TOEFL Examination was held for 4 th - 10 th graders. The ETS Global, in coordination with the English Language Department, conducted the exam
Three days full of fun, joy and excitement with our beautiful KG2 students and their parents during our (Be Healthy Be Happy) big activity at Alridwan

Academic Sections

Creating an enjoyable school environment for students and employees, with their design, structure, components and facilities in the surrounding environment and talking into consideration the health and safety requirements.

( Kg1 - Kg2 )
( 1st Grade - 3rd Grade )
( 4th Grade - 12th Grade )
( 4th Grade - 7th Grade )
( 8th Grade - 12th Grade )

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