About us

Our Story

A private educational and pedagogical institute that aims to solidify the students’ pride in their religion –Islam- and its teachings, and their pertinence to their nation and home country, as well as empowering them to obtain the advanced scientific knowledge and encouraging them to innovate, communicate with the world and be open to the latest sources of knowledge.

The Inspiring School

Our school inspires all its individuals in different positions, students, teachers, and employees to be innovative, distinguished, and achieving. 

Inspiration is a blessing from Allah the Al-Mighty to people to have a balanced life. The companion Omar Bin Al-Khattab may Allah bless him said: “I do not bear the answer, but I bring them to pray, because if I am inspired with Du’a, Allah will surely answer.” Obaid Bin Umair may Allah bless him said: “If Allah wants to do good to a person, he the Al-Mighty inspires him to have the knowledge of his religion.”  

Inspiration requires first the guidance of Allah, a clear mind, a healthy body, noble thoughts and trustworthy and qualified educators along with an effective administration.

Thus we have always paved the way to all of our members to innovate and excel in an unprecedented way to contribute to the prosperity of their religion, nation and home country.

Belonging and loyalty: Deepening the loyalty of the students and workers to their religion, nation and country, based on objective fundamentals beside persistency and integrity, for the sake of the development of their society, and the glory of their nation.

Cultural openness: encouraging students and workers to take into deep consideration and understanding other civilizations’ achievements on the base that one is part of all. Guiding students and workers to be able to translate and implement what is useful for them from other civilizations and achievements.

Ethical Education:  We are committed to cultivating and nurturing a culture of Islamic ethics, which are the core of the moral values of our students and staff, by which their behavior is guided. We inspire our students to be a credible role model that leads in the reform efforts of their community, for no reform can be accomplished unless we reform ourselves. Reformers are the only ones who are qualified to lead in all life domains. 

Our philosophy:

  • Islamic awareness: To build concepts and visions based on Islamic principles and values, through understanding, commitment and a moderate ideology.
  • Integral development: To nurture intellectual, psychological, healthy and emotional maturity and spiritual ascension, in an atmosphere of appreciation and respect for both teacher and student.
  • Intellectual ascension: To enrich talents and discover abilities and interests, through participating in individual and collective community initiatives; to form critical thinking, exchange ideas and to adapt dialogue as a civilized way of communication. 
  • Psychological Integrity: To encourage group work as a means to develop team spirit among students; to spread the spirit of cordiality and mutual understanding and achieve the psychological and collective consensus.
  • Promote creativity: We are distinguished in revealing realities and up to date on everything new in all domains, fully committed to certainty, objectivity and scientific credibility. We nurture gifted students and talented learners. We allocate incentives and rewards for outstanding achievements.
  • Learning Process: To develop research and self-learning; to invest in developed knowledge resources; to maintain the enthusiasm for intellectual excellence; to raise awareness of the importance of lifelong learning in various domains of knowledge, by simplifying sciences for learners, and taking into consideration individual differences among various student groups and moving toward applied education.
  • Communal responsibility: To interconnect with community institutions and their activities; to raise the sense of social responsibility which deepens the willing for good and giving up selfishness; to work hard toward achieving social security and integrity. Motivate students and staff to commit to their duties they have toward themselves, their colleagues, families, their country and its nation; to raise their awareness about the importance of their roles in social construction.


  • School Environment: We offer happy, safe and supportive learning school environment for students and staff, through improved infrastructure, design and various facilities. We ensure the provision of necessary services to spend quality pleasure time.
  • Qualified administration and teaching staff: We recruit highly qualified and trained academic-subject supervisors and teachers, who are fully equipped with experience to carry out mission, vision, goals and objectives of our school.
  • Educational Integrity: To have a unique relationship with our students, teachers and parents, to achieve maximum integration among educational roles of school, home and community, and maintain the desired outcomes.
  • Continuous Evaluation: Continuous evaluation for each performance to reinforce positives and avoid negatives, with the participation of students and each individual concerned in evaluation process, so students will be familiarized with constructive criticism and to show their sense of responsibility.
  • Curriculum Vision: We offer the curriculum of the Ministry of Education in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, as we also offer supplementary programs that do not weigh on students, especially in Arabic, Islamic Studies, English and Mathematics.
  • Participatory Performance: We hold festivals on various occasions such as religious and national holidays. We organize visits and school trips across the country. We support scientific, Art, sports, literary and scouts clubs, and ensure to improve their performance. We work on development of learning resources, being updated with everything new in science and technology. We encourage groups of research within an integrated system.

Added Value in Education

  • Special attention to the Holy Qur'an: This is through having extra reciting classes for all grades weekly. Qur'an scholarships up to 100% of tuition fees are gradually granted to students who memorize five parts or more of the Holy Qur'an. There are also specialized clubs that motivate students to memorize, recite and master the Tajweed rules of the Holy Qur'an, and Quranic Memorization Competition are also being organized in all sections.
  • The teaching and behavioral aspect: to instill Islamic ethics through effective and attractive educational programs and activities. These programs and activities take into account students of all ages and their developmental needs in order to build a balanced and open personality. Therefore, the system of ethical values has been designed as a reference for ethics and behaviors. This system is beneficial for learners and those who are seeking information on the theme of ethics; it has been posted on the internet for everyone to use freely on www.ethicsinstitution.com  
  • Special emphasis on the Arabic Language: through providing a variety of activities and events that support learning the Arabic Language as well as encouraging students to speak standard Arabic, Fusha, with the proper grammatical rules.     
  • Special emphasis on the English Language: by selecting the best international curriculum for English, Science and Math; extracurricular activities and completions to strengthen students’ language skills, such as school plays, spelling bee and writing, reading, handwriting and speaking competitions.     
  • TOEFL Exam: Our students from fourth to tenth grade are exposed to the TOEFL examination every year to measure their proficiency in the English Language according to universal standard criteria.    
  • Interactive boards: the latest up-to-date methods have been provided to apply theoretical concepts on the interactive boards, so that responses are fast and fun. 
  • Our curriculum is self-developed: our curriculum is supported by supplementary handbooks created by our experienced teachers.
  • Special attention is given to 12th grade students: preparing students for 12th grade through individual follow-up and recruiting qualified and professional teachers, while providing students with all means of comfort in and out the school.           


  • Adapting WE DO as a practical approach in Computer and RSMAS in Math for the first three grades.  
  • We have been a member of the Robot Association since its establishment in 2012 and have a qualified staff that supervise students at all times and equips them to participate in local and regional Robot and Formula 1 competitions.  
  • Software programming is applied for fifth and sixth grade students.
  • Alridwan school students receive an ICDL certification before they graduate from the school.

Educational Aspects:

  • A behavior class is given every week to students from fourth to tenth grade.
  • All school sections have a break for Aldhuhr prayer.

Our Slogan (The Inspiring School)

Our school inspires all its individuals in different positions, students, teachers, and employees to innovate, excel, and achieve.

Our Vision

A leading educational and scientific institute, under careful management, within a developed environment and equipped with highly qualified personnel. We are known for our cultural openness, Islamic Awareness, and harmonious social interaction.

Our Mission

To comprehensively prepare the new generations to play an effective role in the prosperity of their country and nation

Our Core Values

We instill the Islamic beliefs into the new generations along with a deep understanding of the teachings of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and a commitment to the principles of truth, justice, freedom, and equality.

Our Core Values

Beliefs: Instilling Islamic beliefs, raising generations believing in its Lord, keeping its apostles, keeping its faith, aware of its 
civilization, committed to the principles of truth, justice, goodness, freedom and equality.

Affiliation and loyalty: To deepen the loyalty of the students and workers to their nation, and their belonging to their 
homeland, on objective bases that depend on hard work, sincere words, and living conscience to promote a society that is 
happy with its happiness and a nation proud of its prevention.

Openness of civilization: Encouraging students and workers and motivating them to assimilate the world cultural 
achievements , considering that civilized development is the heritage of humanity as a whole, in which every nation has 
contributed to it, and the civilized nation begins its efforts in terms of ending the others and settling what works for its 
society and is compatible with its values.

Ethical care: Instilling Islamic ethics in the hearts Of students and employees, which are the essence Of ethics and their 
dependencies, and control their behavior with their data, to serve as role models and confidence in leading the reform 
efforts of their society. Reform can only be achieved by virtue.

Board of Directors

Saad Addain Al Zamili
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Dr. Suhail Khalaf
Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mr. Adel
Member of the Board of Directors
Mr. habbab Al Zamili
Member of the Board of Directors
Mr. Sami Al-Sha'raawi
Member of the Board of Directors

Credits and Certificates

Certificate of the stamp of Excellency

the school gained the logo of the stamp of the Excellency through its participation in the King Abdullah II Reward for The Private Sector/ the eighth session.

iso (9001/2015)

Quality assurance certificate- ISO (2015-9001)  

Academic Accreditation Certificate

The academic certificate for education quality assurance- AROQA

Healthy Schools National Accreditation

The national accreditation of a healthy and safe school- Golden Level

Green Schools Certificate

The first place as a green school: the school gained the first-place ranking among schools in the competition that was organized by the Arab Renewable Energy Institute and the ministry of education.

Green Buildings Council Membership Certificate

this certificate was gained by the school to be a member of the national council of the green buildings. Thus, the school applies the green systems in the various facilities of the schools, such as solar panels for heating the water of the swimming pools and the heating system.

Smoke-Free Zone Certificate

Free smoking zone: the school was awarded the certificate of a free smoking zone from King Hussein Cancer Foundation.