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This section is the primary place where the student’s personality is developed. Its staff do their best to inspire students, enrich their creativity, critical thinking and basic knowledge in both Arabic and English languages (reading, speaking, and writing). Teaching process is supported by enriching curricula and resources utilizing modern technologies that will prepare students for their next educational stages.

ألبوم القسم

أخبار القسم

أقامت الأقسام التعليمية في مدارس الرضوان اجتماعات دورية مع أولياء أمور الطلبة بهدف إطلاعهم على النّواحي الأكاديميّة والسّلوكية لأولادهم والإجابة عن...

Today Al Ridwan International welcomed its' students to the first day of the Knowledge Gap classes. The school was aglow as this long-awaited day...