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Childhood is when our future heroes are shaped! Our children must be ready for their future, Alridwan Kindergarten works hard to prepare them mentally, emotionally, and ethically for whatever future they choose.

Alridwan Kindergarten utilizes (Bawakeer) comprehensive educational system. Bawakeer system has several pillars on which it relies:

  1. Comprehensively develops the child’s personality
  2. Acknowledges the students’ individual differences
  3. Uses the class rooms and their equipment to ensure a more effective learning process
  4. Engages all types of learners in the classroom
  5. Supports all types of intelligence in students
  6. Utilizes game based learning
  7. Ensures parents participation in the educational process through regular parent visits to the classroom
  8. Enforces academic progress through reading, writing and math  skills
  9. Satisfies children’s need to play by having a planned play time every day

ألبوم القسم

أخبار القسم

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