Section Features

This section’s main goal is to advance the academic side by using the most modern strategies, developing students’ academic skills, and building a balanced personality by getting students involved in a variety of activities, clubs and events that are regularly conducted. These activities direct the students toward productive, proactive and beneficial use of their time and energy.

This section also diagnosis and attempts to address challenges facing the students by the help of the educational advisor. It is also responsible for conducting reinforcement sessions for weak students.

ألبوم القسم

أخبار القسم

أقامت الأقسام التعليمية في مدارس الرضوان اجتماعات دورية مع أولياء أمور الطلبة بهدف إطلاعهم على النّواحي الأكاديميّة والسّلوكية لأولادهم والإجابة عن...

Today Al Ridwan International welcomed its' students to the first day of the Knowledge Gap classes. The school was aglow as this long-awaited day...

The TOEFL Examination was held for 4th- 10th graders. The ETS Global, in coordination with the English Language Department, conducted the exam...